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After opening, how long can I keep my Laino products ?
Are Laino products tested on animals ?
How are the ingredients used in your formulas chosen ?
Are Laino products paraben-free ?
Do your deodorants contain aluminium salts ?
What does the term hypoallergenic mean ?
Why is it so important to moisturise the skin all over the body ?
What can I do if my skin is very dry with an atopic tendancy ?
What should I do if my skin is dry and sensitive ?
How can I recognise dehydrated skin ?
What is the difference between a deodorant and an anti-transpirant ?
Why are Laino products not organic ?
How many times a day should I apply handcream ?
Are Laino products safe ?
How many times a day should I apply lip balm ?
Does the Laino brand support local associations ?